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After getting a degree in English I started my translating and English teaching practice. Long years of working with various companies and projects gave me invaluable skills and experience in business services. This made me leave my fulltime teaching post in favour of business especially tyre business. Although I am still an active translator since 2010 I have focused on business especially tyre business. I specialize in sales, marketing, and consulting and I developed a few exciting projects but my favourite activity has always been customer service. At present I am a part of a few exciting international projects but above all I run and develop my own project PIOTRSAJDAK.COM!


PIOTRSAJDAK.COM has been present in the tyre industry for more than a decade now. Initially, it was mainly a marketing and trading project but with time it also started dealing with consulting, product development and branding services. At present with the best suppliers from Australia, Asia and Europe we supply new and used tyres as well as equipment to customers in Europe and in both Americas. An extensive and reliable network of suppliers let us complete even most complicated orders and make sure our customers always get products they need on time. But of course PIOTR SAJDAK.COM is not only tyres and machines but many more!





My projects

ZABI TYRE EXPORT of ZABI TRADING AB, Sweden and PIOTRSAJDAK.COM is a project concentrating on quality tyre exports. In this venture PIOTRSAJDAK.COM is responsible for managing marketing and customer relation while ZABI TRADING AB has always been well-known for sourcing quality new and used tyres as well as rims and complete wheels for customers worldwide. With ZABI TRADING AB working for over two decades in the tyre industry we also offer valuable consultation and equipment supply for other tyre businesses worldwide.





WOJS&SAJDAK project was created to develop, manufacture and distribute modern machinery and solutions for tyre industry. Thanks to Wojs’ engineering skills and production capacity, and my long time experience in marketing and product development we can create machines and devices that meet the requirements of even most demanding customers worldwide. Our products not only look great but they are also safe, reliable and very strong.





EuroTire America is a project dealing with used tyre distribution in Panama, Central America, the Caribbean and USA. Here I am responsible for sourcing and purchasing used tyres which are sent to our warehouse in Colon, Panama. Thanks to excellent location and good quality of our tyres the number of regular customers is constantly growing.





Scantyre is yet another exciting project I am a part of. We acquire some great quality car and truck tyres that go through a precise control procedure in our facility in Tallinn, Estonia. Apart from consulting and managing function at Scantyre I am a head of marketing and sales. Scantyre mean investment in new technologies, equipment, young team and convenient location in Estonia which is a hub connecting Scandinavian countries with other Baltic states, Russia and former USSR states.






3 years ago
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Nowa partia prześlicznych oryginalnych kół Volvo z oponami Continental, Pirelli i (moje ulubione) Nokian w rozmiarze 205/60R16. Wszystko jak nowe. Dostępna ograniczona ilość!

3 years ago
Photos from Piotr Sajdak COM's post

Summer is slowly coming to an end. And we are already working hard to prepare for the autumn and winter. Yesterday we made a beautiful load of winter tyres with spikes for our customers from the East. All tyres 13-19 inch with spikes were tripled. At Zabi Trading AB we not only prepare and supply quality tyres but also provide quality service to make our customers happy and relaxed!

3 years ago
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Kolejna partia ślicznych kół Volvo z nowymi oponami Michelin i Pirelli w rozmiarze 275/45/20. Pomimo, że największym zainteresowaniem cieszą się wzory dwukolorowe mi najbardziej podobają się srebrne.

3 years ago

A new and fresh delievery to our location in Sweden! This time something for our friends who need to cope with hard winter. Great quality volvo wheels with continental and nokian tyres with spikes. All tyres start from 2016 and as you can see they are all like 7mm and up. Sizes 225/55/17, 235/55/18, 235/60/18 and 235/55/19 available.

3 years ago
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Zabi Trading AB will soon have all their tyre containers even more beautiful and promoting brands we like and trust. Zabi Trading AB is a world leading specialist in tyre logistics and brand promotion and puts their ideas and solutions into practice! Proud to contrubute to that exciting project!

3 years ago
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Następna dostawa przepięknych kół Volvo właśnie przybyła! Tym razem dwa modele: Koła 17 cali z oponą 225/55/17 Pirelli Ice Zero Dot 2017 (do Volvo V90)) oraz koła 18 cali z oponą 235/60R18 107T Continental ContiVikingContact 6 Dot 2015 (do Volvo XC60 i XC90). Dla zainteresowanych dostępna pełna specyfikacja. Zapraszam!

3 years ago
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Zabi Trading AB ma znowu piękną partię felg! 50 kompletów oryginalnych felg Volvo w rozmiarach 16, 17, 18 i 19 cali. Zainteresowanych proszę o kontakt to prześlę więcej szczegółów wraz ze szczegółową specyfikacją. Przypominam także o ciągle dostępnych kołach w rozmiarze 235/55/19!

3 years ago

3 years ago
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With Zabi Trading AB we sell worldwide but we love European customers too! For them we different grades in sets, pairs and single. All the time we have in stock complete wheels, or rims. All beautiful original Volvo! Very often we have some special offers too. Interested to receive current offers on tyres, wheels and rims? Send us an email to piotr@piotrsajdak and get updated earlier than others! this time we have beautiful volvo wheels with the 235/55/18, 235/60/18 and a lot of 235/55/19 nokian hakkapeliitta R2 like new!

3 years ago
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Staight way to perfection! Selling good things is easy! But at Zabi Trading AB we also also care about what customer receives! Every single tyre, rim or wheel is important! This load for our Dubaj customer is not an exception.

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