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BEADFIX tyre bead repairing device

One of the issues every used tyre seller has is to how to deal with bent tyre beads which occur while loading, taking off a rim or untripling.

The BEADFIX is an answer to that problem! It a device for straightening tyre beads before their reuse. Its design allows for fixing tyres whose beads are bent inside or outside the tyre. Tyres repaired with the BEADFIX do not require using bead seaters while fitting them on a wheel.

Main features

  • very solid and durable structure
  • ergonomic design facilitating operation and handling
  • great performance

Basic technical specification

Pneumatic system
Required feed pressure 6-8 bars (87-130 psi)
Maximum inflation pressure 3 bar (43 psi)

Operating Dimensions

Height 110 cm
Width 60 cm
Length 30 cm
Weight 25 kg

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