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WOJS UNPACK tyre unpacking machine

WOJS UNPACK tyre unpacking machine is a device used for unpacking (pulling out) tyres from a tyre bundle made for transport/storage cost reduction purposes.

The machine is able to pull out tyres regardless of their number in a bundle without a risk of their damage. Its inteligent design makes operator’s job easy and safe. Moreover, low structure does not require high workplace and is easy to handle and move around. The machine is supplied with an appropriate bar which is a necessary part of the equipment. As it is a pneumatic machine it requires connection to the compressor which is not a part of the set. Pneumatic system causes no risk of electric shock and makes that machine work efficiently regardless of power supply or high temperature in a workplace.

Main features

  • very strong and solid structure
  • intelligent design making operation and handling easy
  • high performance approx. 100 tyres per hour
  • suitable for all types of car, 4x4 and commercial tyres

Basic technical data

Pneumatic system
Required supply pressure 9-10 bar (130-145 psi)

Operating dimensions

Height 140 cm
Width 60 cm
Length 220 cm
Weight 150 kg

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